AAC Light Weight block Fix Mortar


NBM-222 Mortar is a powder adhesive Composed of hydraulic binders, bonding agents, quartz synthetic resins and special additive formulated to obtain, when mixed with water,optimal characteristics of workability and high adhesion power to the support it contains neither asbestos fibre nor other materials considered harmful for health of the applicator.


NBM-222 Mortar can be used for laying Internal and external autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and panels.

Instructions for Use

The support, where NBM-222 Mortar will be Applied must be perfectly clean,solid, Compact and free from grease substances.
To prepare the mixture,pour in a container 10 to 10.5 lt. of clean water. Add a bag of 50 Kg. of NBM-222 Mortar, then mix to get a Homogeneous lump free consistency mix.
Let the product rests for about 5 minutes and Remix shortly before use.
Place the first line of blocks on concrete slab Using a traditional cement mortar.
Apply NBM-222 Mortar with special toothed Trowel and then position the blocks verifying Their alignment. Remove possible excess of Mortar before it hardens.
Pay attention that the adhesive spread on the Blocks has not formed a superficial film. In this case, apply fresh mix with the toothed trowel.


Leave a space of about 2 cm between the top of block wall and the bottom of slab or beam in order to avoid formation of cracks along the wall. This cavity should be filled with compressible material (see relative technical data sheet ).

Technical Data:

Appearance: Power

Color: Grey

Noxiousity according to EEC 88/379: non

Density: 1.50 kg/lt

Max time for the application: 60 minutes at +20 C

Recommended thickness: 2-3 mm

Temperature of application: From +50C TO + 400C

Consumption: 50kg/m3

Packaging: Multi layer bag of 50 kg weight