Product & Features

Light Weight Dry density is about 450-550 kg/m3 which is 20% of the standard concrete blocks.
Hight thermal Insulation Thermal Conductivity 0.12 - 0.14w/mk, which is 10% of the standard concrete blocks. The result in a great energy efficiency.
Fire resistance For 100mm thick, the wall is able to resist fire for 4hrs without any reduction on its compression.
Sound Insulation and Absorption The porous block provide excellent sound insulaton and absorption, greatly reducing noise and provide a compfortable interior.
Workability and compatibility AAC blocks can be sawn, drilled, routed, and nailed with common tools. it works well with other wall and floor systems.
Cost Savings AAC block can largely reduce the dead weight of building structure thus cutting down much operation cost while fasting up construction progress. It transforms the conventional construction mode of fat beams and large columns.
Environment. protection The blocks are made from completely inorganic and provide a healthy environment.
Applications Partition Wall, Smooth face wall, External wall.